Pocket Planes

Pocket Planes 1.1.0

Addictive airline management game


  • Fast paced addictive action
  • Syncs with iOS
  • Lots of customisation and in-app purchases


  • Not adapted properly for playing on Mac
  • Tricky to get to grips with

Very good

Pocket Plane is a fun airline simulation game that made its debut on iPhone and is now available on Mac.

Pocket Plane challenges you to manage and grow a fleet of planes as you attempt to reach over 250 cities around the World. The graphics are inspired by Tiny Tower on iOS i.e.very basic but Pocket Plane is fun to play and has lots of in-game features to keep you occupied. These include the ability to unlock new planes such as tiny prop planes to jumbo jets and small town airports to mega cities.

You can customize your planes with your own paint jobs and pilot uniforms, trade planes with your friends and compete in worldwide group events. You can gauge your progress with stats and leader boards and even sync your game with your iOS device (although some users have reported this feature is temperamental). You can earn in-game currency and of course, purchase more through in-app purchases.

Pocket Planes is extremely fast paced and absorbing so the graphics aren't a huge drawback. However, the developers could have at least scaled the game up a bit to play on Mac. As it is, you have to scroll a hell of a lot due to the small display size.

Pocket Plane is a fun sim that rapidly becomes quite addictive.

Pocket Planes


Pocket Planes 1.1.0

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