Pocket Planes

Pocket Planes 1.2.1

Be the best airline in the world


  • Addictive
  • Fun gameplay
  • Lots of customization


  • Graphics look stretched on iPad
  • Takes lots of time to gain new levels


Pocket Planes is Nimblebit’s latest game after Tiny Tower. Pocket Planes is a strategy game where you have to control an airline company and slowly grow to fly around the world.

Pocket Planes uses the same 8-bit visuals that Tiny Tower had and creates a fun gameplay environment to experience the game in. Everything in the game has the pixel graphics, and many objects in the game are detailed. The people are the least detailed, but everything else is easy to tell what it is supposed to be.

Pocket Planes’s gameplay is immersive. You have to purchase cities to fly passengers or cargo to, purchase new planes, and intelligently direct them to the different airports with the best efficiency. You gain experience with each successful flight and earn money and “Bux” that are used to purchase new planes or upgrades. You can purchase new planes or purchase individual parts for a smaller cost.

While the game doesn’t have flashy graphics, the management gameplay is very addictive, and the slight learning curve makes Pocket Planes a challenging game to succeed at in the beginning. Since the gameplay does not rush at an insane pace, it is a great game for thinking about your next move.

Pocket Planes is an excellent game that provides hours of gameplay and strategy.

Pocket Planes


Pocket Planes 1.2.1

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